I hate lazy, dirty guys –Monica Friday, actress

Damilola Fatunmise 

Monica Friday is a funny character. She became well known after her role in the TV series, Do Good, where she played Kevwe, a Warri girl. 

In this interview, the award-winning actress, who is also a content creator and property consultant, opens up on the good, bad and ugly sides of her growing up in the ghetto of Ajegunle, Lagos, among others. Enjoy it.

You are unique with your craft, who really groomed you? 

No one really groomed me. Most times, I do online acting monologues, learning from countless auditions. Also, I watch a few senior colleagues and I move. 

Take us back to how your journey into acting started?

It all started from Ajegunle, in a drama group during my school days. I started attending auditions with countless nos. My first role was a waka pass in Superstory, a Wale Adenuga Production. I did a lot of waka pass roles that I cannot even recall again. Later, I delved into dancing, ushering and other vocational jobs. 

Who are your role models in the movie industry? 

I learn from every good actor, but I really do look up to Joke Silva, Akin Lewis, Kate Henshaw, Mercy Johnson and a few others. I love them because of their growth and lifestyle. 

Whats the movie that brought you into limelight? 

It was Do Good, an MNet series on Africa Magic where I played a Warri character, Kevwe.

What does your brand, Monica Friday stand for? 

My brand stands for positive influence. Whatever you see me do must reflect positivity.

Which of your roles do you find most challenging? 

Every role I play, I do research. I don’t just jump on roles, so for me every role is a challenge.

Do you act under any influence?  

Its nothing but divine grace. For me, it’s been God’s grace all the way.

What are your regrets? 

None that I take to heart… 

What attracts you to a man? 

Its his lifestyle, his heart for humanity, and his spiritual life. 

Tell us about your memorable moments 

It was good, bad and ugly growing up in Ajegunle, but its the best experience so far, I must tell you. I never had all I wanted, but my mother gave me all I needed.

Where is your best vacation spot?

My best vacation spot is Dubai. Its super beautiful and a cool place. Although, I have not travelled round the world, with my little experience, I love Dubai hands down.

Whats your turn off in a man? 

I totally dislike lazy and dirty guys.  

If not entertainment, what would you have ventured into? 

I would have ventured into fashion or sport; I love those like anything.

What’s your take on sleeping with a producer for role? 

For me, its a big no! Its a shameful act. If I don’t merit a role or it’s been given on a platter of gold, I am not interested. 

What movie are you working on at the moment?

Yeah, I’m working on Village Headmaster, a series from the stable of Wale Adenuga Production. 

What do you have to tell those who look up to you?

They should make sure they find the right talent, pray for direction, work on it and never stop believing in themselves.


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